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Katja Wittmer Contemporary Art




Born in 1972 in Erlangen, Germany, Katja Wittmer grew up in Munich, Brazil and the U.S.A. where she graduated from Auburn University with a cum laude degree in Fine Arts in 1997.


She has travelled the world extensively since then. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including New York, Manila, Hong Kong, Vienna, Munich, Mumbai and Dublin. Katja Wittmer lives and works in Ennis, Ireland.


In her authentic abstract  paintings, Katja Wittmer emphasises the hidden, the subtle, the profound. Her technique of dripping paint, scattering textures and the use of intense colour accentuate the volatility of the moment.

Her paintings are multi-layered and offer various dimensions which challenge the boundaries of perception. The artist consciously creates a subtle, colour centred stimulation of personal associations. Katja Wittmer's work aims at altering the awareness of the individual's emotional consciousness through conceptual dialogue with  the physical painting.

In her paintings the artist shows the complex facets of humankind – highs and lows, light and shadow, beauty and distortion, love and hate. Katja Wittmer's art deals with looking behind the scenes and exploring the emotional abyss.

Katja Wittmer Abstract Artist

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